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Building a Solar Project on Land?


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Are you looking for a reliable EPC partner for securing your solar investment? We assure you that your efforts in landing here have not gone down the drain - Gensol is an expert in the development and turnkey construction of utility-scale solar PV power projects.
Developing, Designing, planning, constructing and commissioning ground-mount solar PV power projects is our karma – this is our passion and our daily business. Our engineers will make sure that you get the best value for money with world-class solar assets. Explore these stages:

Project Development

This is an exploratory stage that gives rise to a plethora of queries pertaining to the technical, financial and legal aspects of the project. Thanks to our long-standing experience and razor-sharp domain expertise, we can assist you with such issues with our mercurial eyesight.

At the outset, we analyse the potential location for your ground-mount project by sketching preliminary designs using our high-end softwares and, concurrently, running energy simulation models with various combinations of equipments of high quality. The results are then fed into a holistic financial model that meticulously captures various aspects of the state/central policies to arrive at unbeatable levelized cost of energy (LCoE) numbers,which help smoothen the  


curve of incertitude surrounding the process of decision making. Sometimes, we may also support you collating funds for your project, since we share warm relations with a multitude of bankers and investors. In sum, the choice of techno-economically best components and an ideal planning forms the basis of our project development with due respect accorded to technical, legal and financial aspects of the project - that´s the innate quality of project development at GENSOL.


This is a stage where the real action happens once the project has been signed where our experienced architects take care of project development - from ground and location surveys to precise clouding calculations. A team of experienced construction and electrical engineers sit together to stitch together to evolve designs that guarantee ultra-high performance by employing modules and inverters that are optimally aligned for every individual project. Keeping in mind that there is relatively little room for optimising cost of modules and inverters, it is natural that most of the pressure on optimising costs falls on balance of system (BoS) – transformers, cables, junction, boxes, electrical panels, monitoring and protection equipment, among others. 

Our profound electro-mechanical planning encompasses exercises great care and its rich design experience in deploying these BoS components so that they can stand vicissitudes of time that the projects have to confront during their long lives of 25 years. More specifically, mounting structure is a major target for cost optimisation by developers as it accounts for up to 25-30% of the BoS cost. Most players generally opt for cheaper and less durable design and material, leading to complete failure of mounting structure in strong gusts of winds, thus, leading to significant generation loss. At Gensol, we strictly follow IS standards for designing mounting structures with high quality material having adequate thickness and minimum wind load bearing capacity.

Then again, junction boxes, for example, account for a piddling 1-2% of BoS cost but can become the Achilles heel by accounting for more than 50% of losses in DC power output. Notably, overheating and improper sealing can result in short circuit, fire and power loss, owing to which, we design junction boxes with sufficient ventilating while conforming to atleast IP 65 (Ingress Protection) standard. Designers can ill-afford ignore the quality of cables being used for these projects, since they form around 15%-20% of the BoS and a similar number can be labelled on the energy losses that entail cable-related failures. Our experienced designers deploy cable with suitable diameters and ingress protection so that system losses can be minimised, since size of the conductors and the quality of their armouring leads to significant losses.


Gensol deploys highly qualified site engineers who command experience of installing solar parks sprawling over acres of land, while organisation, planning and surveillance is managed by our highly adept Project Managers, who keep shuttling between sites and office, thus putting ensuring highest standards of execution. Our supply chain management team is always on its toes to ensure that the necessary components are delivered on time, allowing for optimal project scheduling and guaranteeing clocked and flawless generation.

When raising solar assets on land, every task of construction schedule is handled with due care: the development of land, the casting of foundations, the erection of the steel structures, the


installation of modules, cable laying, the erection of various HT equipments - like control panels, transformers – and the plant switchyard from where the power is transmitted to through high voltage transmission lines to the nearest grid substation. Gensol also constructs these transmission lines, thus, covering the entire scope of turnkey execution. Not to mention, Gensol team manages end-to-end approval process by coordinating minutely with the local authorities, thus insulating customers from the hassles of this tedious procedure.