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500 kWp Grid Connected Solar Roof Top Solar at Medanta Hospital

Medanta - The medicity One of India's largest multi-super specialty institutes located in Gurgaon was found by eminent cardiac surgeon, Dr. Naresh Kumar Trehan. Medanta offers people in India top-quality medical services – with the most up-to-date technology and a staff of world-leading healthcare professionals .The Organisation has been envisioned with the aim of bringing India the highest standards of medical care with the aim of making world-class healthcare affordable for as many people as possible along with clinical research, education and training.

In synchronization with Government of India’s plan to significantly increase the share of solar energy in the total energy mix while recognizing the need to expand the scope of other renewable and non-fossil options, Medanta expressed interest in development of PV plants in two of the selected carports in its campus. The multispecialty institute engulfs a land surface of 43 acres in Gurgaon with 21million Sq. foot main building.

Detailed Description

With Gensol’s forte giving end-to-end offering in solar PV projects execution from design to construction it joined hands with Medanta to develop a Solar project with a capacity of 500 kW on a Turn Key EPC. The ultimate goal of the project developed is envisaged to provide a holistic view of project development scenario in India.

With the Geographical Coordinates of 28.4oN and 77.1oE a forecasted capacity of 500 kWp Mini grid connected solar PV plant was installed at the existing car parking of Medanta. The project was executed in the south faced car parking with two carport area enclosing a split up of 466.4kWp and 33.6kWp. With an average temperature of 25 degree Celsius Medanta received an average global radiation of 224W/m2.Medanta receives a Global Horizontal Insolation of 5.05 kWh/m2/day which made the organisation go solar with a forecasted energy generation of 743860kWh/year. After shouldering complete site survey 3D models of the same was recreated using Google sketch up. A detailed shading simulation was done with a main objective of identifying shadow free area where modules can be placed for optimized generation throughout the year.

Gensol's Detailed Scope 

Services Provided for the Project