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350 kWp Grid Connected Roof Top Solar at Mapro Foods

Surrounded by the blissful hills of Panchgani of Western India, Mapro foods manufactures its healthy and naturally made fruit jams and beverages inscribed within 270 acres of land surface. When Mapro decided to optimise power expenses, Gensol could assist them in identifying a suitable solar solution and finalising a forecasted capacity for installation that will suit their requirements in terms of supported load and minimize its dependence on grid while maximizing the use of solar power.

Detailed Description

Mapro foods incur an average solar insolation of 4.9 kWh/m2/day receiving a breezy atmosphere of 1.6m/s which makes Mapro viable for potential roof top installation. Located with its geographical coordinates positioned at 17o55’27”N and 73o40’39”E, the 350 kW Panchangani Hills system was developed in a slant roof terrain with fixed tilt configuration and PV panels of 80kW selected with a focus on the best conversion efficiency, in consideration of the surface area available. By taking reliability and performance stability as the first priority in mind, the system’s useful life can be estimated at over 20 years. Gensol Group with its technical experts arrived at the optimal architecture for the roof top solar power plant and the specifications for the same.

Services Provided for the Project