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2500 MW Solar Plant at Roadmap for Mahagenco in Maharashtra

With the fast declining costs of solar and a focus to shift India’s power generation to renewable energy, Maharashtra state government power generation company, MAHAGENCO, plans to setup 2,500 MW of solar plants in PPP mode over 5 years. With Chief Minister’s personal involvement, this was of high priority to Mahagenco who engaged Gensol for charting a roadmap. Gensol was also appointed by Mahagenco subsequently as Owner's Engineer for the development of 500 MW of Solar projects using agricultural feeders and 250 MW more on innovative technologies.



Detailed Description

Mahagenco is Maharashtra’s state power generation company and has the highest overall generation capacity - 13.8 GW - and the highest thermal installed capacity - 10.4 GW - amongst all the state power generation utilities in india. Mahagenco intends to lead in Solar sector as well and has plans to setup 7,500 MW of Solar projects as per its Renewable Energy Policy 2015.

Out of the 7500 MW, 2500 MW are to come up under Public Private Partnership (PPP) Model. Gensol was engaged by Mahagenco to chart out a roadmap to setup this 2,500 MW of Solar Projects in Maharashtra over next 5 years and fulfills its Renewable Generation Obligations. The assignment was of high priority for the state and regularly reviewed by Chief Minister and his office.

Gensol plotted out the various methodologies under PPP Module with different degrees of Capital and Resources Deployment by Mahagenco and private players. Gensol studied the Project, Solar Power Evacuation Infrastructure required along with the impact that 2,500 MW of solar power will have on Maharashtra grid. Finally, we laid out a roadmap including its technical, statutory and administrative framework to develop 2.5 GW of projects as a combination of Solar Park, Innovative Technologies, Agricultural Feeders, Self Development, Reverse Auctions etc.

Subsequently, Mahagenco engaged Gensol again for preparation of DPR for 500 MW of Projects to be setup in lands and substations with power supply through agricultural feeders and 250 MW on innovative type Solar Power Projects in Maharashtra at canals, lakes, reservoirs, water bodies of WRD dept and lands available with local administration bodies. We are responsible to run the Bid Process for selection of the EPC Contractors for construction of the 250MW capacity innovative type Solar Power Projects and providing the Project Management Consultancy to these projects thereafter.

Services Provided for the Project