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Case Study
210 MW Solar Project for Suzlon in Telangana

Suzlon - the global pioneer in wind installations - forayed into solar power in 2015 starting with bidding in Telangana. Gensol was appointed to bring in the solar expertise to put in winning yet profitable bids. Gensol’s team of engineering and analysts compared and modeled 10’s of sites, negotiated with vendors and built detailed cost and financial models to ensure Suzlon won 210 MW across 6 allocations in its maiden attempt at solar.

Detailed Description

Suzlon, established in 1995, is the leading Concept to Commissioning Wind Power Installations. It has installed 17 GW of wind projects in 18 countries across 6 continents. With a support network of over 8,500 employees of diverse nationalities, Suzlon runs and operates 15 manufacturing facilities and a huge installed project portfolio.

With the government of India’s push into Solar Sector, Suzlon ventured into this space in 2015. Suzlon has always had a strong command over the energy landscape, however were new to solar and hence, sought Gensol’s assistance in building its solar portfolio - starting with Bidding Assistance to grab its first set of Solar projects.

Gensol helped Suzlon navigate the fine print of Request for Proposal. 10’s of land parcels were visited by Gensol’s engineers and each site compared based on generation expected, investment required to make it suitable for solar, distance from substation, substation capacity available for evacuation, potential Right of Way issues and a multitude of other techno commercial parameters. Further, detailed bill of materials and costs for setting up different capacities of solar plants with different degrees of overloading was ascertained based on multiple discussions and negotiations with vendors. Lastly, a sophisticated financial model with sensitivity analysis to account for different risks was developed to ensure a winning yet profitable bid.

With Gensol’s assistance Suzlon was amongst the most successful bidders having won 6 project allocations in Telangana with capacities ranging from 15 MW to 100 MW at different locations. These assets now count the likes of China Light & Power, Canadian Solar and Amp Solar as its investors.

Having made their first move in Telangana, Suzlon went on to win and develop projects in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Jharkhand in the following months as well

Services Provided for the Project